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Our very happy ending – I decided to turn my small patio into my own private tiki lounge. I hired a guy down the street to build a patio cover. After paying him a very large sum of money, I was left with a small amount of lumber, and no patio. My boyfriend contacted his friend who happens to be a building inspector. He deals with a LOT of contractors, and he said Richard French is THE best. So I called Richard, and we got together and worked on plans and ideas. Richard would send me pictures, and I would send him pictures, he would make so many trips to my place to get my thoughts on his ideas, and to show me so many options. I could tell right away that I had the best person for the job. He and his help would always be on the job first thing in the morning, work a full day , and clean up every speck of dust before going home at night. I had a beautiful patio cover in just a couple days, it was perfect! I was so happy, that I asked Richard if he could build me a raised planter, and install artificial turf as well. He said “sure!,” so then we started planning what materials we could use to make it look tropical, and again Richards ideas and workmanship were spot on. I have to say that I could not be more happy with my Tiki lounge, and I give all the credit to Richard French, HE is the best!

Teresa Hefferan – Cypress

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