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Local, Licensed General Contractor RBF Construction - When quality and integrity counts. With 30 years of experience as a licensed general contractor in the state of California and an impeccable record, RBF Construction is the best and most qualified contractor for your project. What makes RBF the best company for the job? Well, here at RBF we do things a little bit differently. We work with you and your budget to achieve the result you desire and the high quality you deserve. We treat you li...

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For The Successful Execution of A Project, Effective Planning Is Essential Construction is a daunting task to undertake, not only because it is costly and involves a million little details but also because it’s a long term project that requires patience and fortitude. Therefore, the best way to embark on a construction project is with certified contractors who have the knowledge, man-power, and resources to get the job done on time and on budget. Please take the time to complete the form...

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You can count on RBF Construction for high quality workmanship and experienced professionals! We partner with the most skilled and qualified experts in the construction industry.

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I knew from the referral I got that Rick was good. I just had no idea how good until the project started. Work started ahead of schedule and, if the rains hadn’t interrupted, would have been done early as well. You know you’ve got an exceptional contractor when he shows up every day for weeks, rain-or-shine, to work on and supervise the job personally. The horror stories I’d heard of other contractors bidding a job, starting work, then disappearing for weeks at a time leaving rubble in their wake (and of cutting corners where corners shouldn’t be cut) were totally absent with Rick. Rick’s way of doing business is exceptional; his focus on satisfying me, the owner, was incredible. I might have been able to find a “lower” bid initially, but I’m convinced that in the final cost, Rick’s way of doing business was actually the highest possible quality at the most reasonable cost.

Thanks! – Darwin Falk

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