The Importance of Hiring a Licensed Contractor


Here is a perfect example of the importance of hiring a professional contractor when having a construction project done to your home. This guy that did the work was not licensed and clearly has no acceptable position in the construction industry.

Framing in a new opening requires a new, larger beam at the top, and must be supported properly by vertical studs (a king stud fastened to the beam and a trimmer under the beam) to insure proper design load strength.

Also, a window needs proper flashing and must be fastened correctly.

So here you are, a homeowner that wants a bigger window then the existing one. You call 2 or 3 contractors and this guy tells you he can do the job. He is probably a lot less money, so you choose him.

Fast forward a few months and you notice cracking in your new wall. Soon after it rains… inside your new room.

What a beautiful view. NOT!!!!!!

There are some guys out there that are good at what they do.

Just remember, if they are not licensed – you are not protected.

A requirement of the state license board is that a contractor must carry a bond. This amount is $25,000. If a problem is un solved, you can go after it. If they are not licensed… You roll the dice (see picture above) and if this occurs you paid for something that you did not receive with no recourse.


  • Are they licensed
  • References current and history
  • Do they communicate (this can be verified when you check references)
  • Do they have a long record of 100% satisfaction
  • Do they keep your job-site safe and clean
  • Do they give you the quality and product that you are paying for.

Why not enjoy your investment from the very start of the project. RBF has been providing quality, honesty and fairness for 30 years plus in this community. You are already my neighbor, and soon to be friend.

– Richard B. French owner

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