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Question: How do I start?
Answer: List your needs and your wants — Prioritize based on budget — Select a Contractor
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Question: What if the contractor can’t show me a State License?
Answer: FIND A DIFFERENT CONTRACTOR! It is illegal for a non-licensed person to enter into a contract for a service which requires a license. You can call CSLB or check this link for information on your contractor.
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Question: What is a “change order” or “scope change”?
Answer: These are terms used to describe changes to the Contract. They can be additions, subtractions or just changes which don’t have a financial impact. It is very important to put all changes in writing so there will be no mistakes about what you have authorized and it’s impact on the project cost & schedule.
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Question: How do I resolve problems?
Answer: Talk to the contractor on a regular basis to resolve items before they become problems. The Better Business Bureau also has a complaint resolution service, as do many cities. You can also contact the Contractors State Licensing Board. If all else fails, discuss the matter with your attorney. Contractors State Licensing Board
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Question: Can I see the Inspection Reports?
Answer: You certainly can. Most contractors will provide you with a copy of them for your records, if you ask.
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Question: How long will my project take?
Answer: Depending on the size of your project it will vary, however your contractor should be able to give you a fair schedule and keep you posted as per any changes.
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Question: What should I do before I hire a Contractor?
– Order What you Should Know booklet from CSLB by calling 1800-321-2752
– Get at least 3 bids and check references
– Call 1-800-321-2752 to check license
– Require a written contract
– Don’t pay cash
– Don’t let payments get ahead of the work completed
– Other Questions? Contact: Richard B. French Construction
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